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May 13, 2015

The Evidence Exchange programme, an Alliance for Useful Evidence initiative, seeks to encourage the sharing and use of social policy evidence across the UK. One of the programme's themes is the role of evidence in developing policy and interventions that reduce people's risk of alcohol related harm, such as ABIs - Alcohol Brief Interventions.

ABIs are structured conversations or other interventions (e.g. online) designed to support people to reduce their alcohol intake. Dr Niamh Fitzgerald is an experienced ABI researcher and trainer across the UK. She works at the University of Stirling, developing alcohol teaching and public involvement for the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies.

In this episode, Niamh discusses what is known about ABIs, how and where they work; her recent research on delivery of ABIs outside of primary healthcare, and pointers for practitioners. There will be more learning and discussion on this topic in a webinar on 26 May 2015, including learning from practice in Wales and England. Dr. Niamh Fitzgerald will also participate in the webinar.

Evidence Exchange, Alliance for Useful Evidence Large-scale implementation of alcohol brief interventions in new settings in Scotland: a qualitative interview study of a national programme - Open Access Research paper ('Highly Accessed') Alcohol brief interventions practice following training for multidisciplinary health and social care teams: A qualitative interview study Open Access Research paper Tackling alcohol misuse through screening and brief interventions Health First, an evidence-based alcohol policy for the UK.

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