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Jul 15, 2021

The social services sector is growing and this means there are opportunities for people looking for a new career, whether that’s people changing jobs or people who are just starting out.

So what are these opportunities, and what role can employment support workers have in helping this important workforce to grow sustainably?

We speak to Kerry Cannon, Learning and Development Adviser at the Scottish Social Services Council and Susie Ferguson, Partnership Manager at the Department for Work and Pensions about current recruitment opportunities and the important role employability organisations can have in supporting these.

This will be interesting to people working in employment support, such as work coaches and key workers; and employers and those with an interest in social services workforce planning.


  • Information about the life changing work available in social services, including childcare, social care and social work.

  • Information to support workforce planning including types of contract, salary, typical hours, reasons for vacancies and opportunities for flexible pathways.

  • The role that work coaches and employability key workers can have in supporting social service employers with sustainable recruitment.


Career stories and learning pathways.

Data about the social service workforce.

Learn more about the role of the SSSC and registration. 

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